Progeria disease essay

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Progeria syndrome essay

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Progeria — Grain Paper Read this essay on Progeria. Snaps determine the traits an individual will answer from their predecessors. Progeria Research Foundation Progeria childs are able. Cardiocutaneous progeria expose essay.

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Genetics essay papers

Rare diseases are powerful windows into biological processes and can serve as models for the development of therapeutic strategies. The progress made on the premature aging disorder Progeria is a shining example of the impact that studies of rare diseases can have.

Progeria is named after Jonathan Hutchinson, who first described the disease in and Hastings Gilford who was the first to refer to the disease as Progeria. Progeria is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children.

Progeria syndrome essay

Progeria is a genetic mutation which causes premature aging in young children. Children born with Progeria appear normal at birth, but 12 months after they begin to show signs and symptoms of aging. Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disease that accelerates the aging process to about seven or eight times the normal rate.

Because of this accelerated aging, a child of ten years will have similar respiratory, cardiovascular, arthritic conditions that a year-old would have.5/5(4). The disease is called Progeria (also known as Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome.) Progeria is a very rare terminal condition.

Progeria, affects both males and females of all ethnic backgrounds. The term Progeria comes from the Greeks and it means "prematurely old".

Progeria pictures below may give you a shocking view of how this disease can cause rapid aging among children. Progeria disease is a unique, rare condition that occurs amongst young children.

The condition manifests symptoms that resemble the normal aging of the human body but at a highly accelerated rate.

Progeria disease essay
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Progeria syndrome essay